90 day Tomato plant flowering no fruit. What to do?

Tomato plant is 3 months old. Loads of flowers, pollinate once every 3-4 days. No fruits. Moved it closer inside the house where it’s a little cooler, thinking it might be temperature related. Am in Singapore where it can get up to 24-27 celcius inside the house.
Could you let me know what I can do more (or less) of to see fruits?

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Hi @ Michellelowmixue!

Your tomato plants are looking healthy and vigorous! It might take some more time to bear fruits in Sg3 as there are only white led lights, compared with Sg9.
Tomato plants might need staking soon: How To Stake Mini Tomato Plants - YouTube

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Thank you Maret. I’ve staked them. How often do you recommend pollinating the flowers? Also how long more does it usually take to bear fruit with the SG3 normally? It’s been more than 3 months now.

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I usually pollinate 1-2 times when most of the flowers are opened. All flowers will not become fruits anyway. I believe that you should see first fruits in a couple of weeks.