Brown spots on basil



I have basil the age 13 days and it grow very well, then I notice brown spot I don’t know the reason but I think the reason because the lamp was to close i didn’t use lamp arm extensions but still not sure if this is the reason.
my question is what I am supposed to do? should I leave it?
here is picture:



yes, if any plant grows too tall and too near to the lamp- it gets burnt.
Also, at that pod age you should add one extension to raise the lamp.

You can just remove that one leaf.
Or, you can snip off the tips to promote more growth. It is recommended to do so approximately one month after planting anyways.

Let us know how it’s growing!


What about these brown spots on basil plants that wereplanted on the 27th of December?


the damage is on cotyledons, not on true leaves.

So, what is the temp range and how is the garden watered?

Since it is on cotyledons I would just give it some time and monitor true leaves carefully. Cotyledons will die off anyways.


Hi… Looks like there has been no improvement… See the photo below… Temperature is 21C constantly. What could be the issue here?

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Temp range is good for basil.

Its pattern is not was we are used to be seen. It might be bad plant feeding. Does not look like an organic disease.

Definitely replace the pods.