Different cups

I’ve received my new couple of cg3.

But… my cups aren’t the same.

Different version or defect?

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Hi @Pippitto87

Plant cup with the long tube that, covers the wick, is an earlier design version, and the one in the lower post is a new design. A shorter tube at the bottom of the cup allows changing the wick more easily but still keeps it nicely intact while the plants are growing.

@Mirjam, is that the actual wick coming out the bottom of the newer cup? I would think that would make wicks a one-use item. Wasn’t there a new cup design that let roots grow into the reservoir? So much innovation!! Hard to keep track of it all.

Update: the basil plants I combined and transplanted to a larger pot under lights last December are still going strong. A little woody at the base but plenty of new growth and seeding. They are quite amazing!

I hope everyone is safe and happy.

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Hi @HappyME

the newest cup is the pro cup, and the wick is still much needed to keep the soil moist for germination and also until the roots grow more freely to the tank. As plant nutrients are locked in the plant pod- wick keeps the soil nicely moist so that nutrients can leach and become available for the plant.