Growing food at home (Smart Garden 27)

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my experience with Sg27. I love to eat fresh salads and i prefer it to be pure- grown without chemical pesticides, fungicides etc. Especially this confusing time makes me even more grateful for that i do not have to buy it from the shop.

Growing them in rotation enables me to have 1 plant per day- salads are growing really fast!

Is anyone else growing plants for food at home or thinking about doing it more and more? Take care of yourself and eat a lot of vitamins! :slight_smile:




I can totally relate to that @Saladbar . I live in zone 5. So, atm it is too cold to grow my own salad greens and herbs. My smart garden 9 setup looks something like this. I harvest fresh green stuff every day “from garden to plate”! There are some salad greens growing that are almost ready to be picked and some pods that just sprouted.

Anyways, this was my snack before lunch. Little snowdrops made it also a little more bearable, since I’ve been homebound for almost a week now, due to this covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you Click and Grow!


Wow! Your set-up matches your kitchen so well. I like how you have planted your romaine in rotation too, I made the beginners mistake and planted all at once so had to use it all up pretty much at the same time.



What is your setup like? Would you recommend edible plants that are most rewarding and easy to grow?
I have tried quite many plants and I also use experimental pods to sow my own seeds, but I would like to try something new with my next subscription order.

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@Ann.T, Thank you! It is not a beginner mistake- its a typical plant lover who is so excited about their new garden and can’t wait to see it flourish! :smiley: When this garden arrived, i also put all the edible greens in all at once because i was impatient. After the first round i grow them in rotation.

@Plantgirl_001 Your salad looks so delicious! Next time i will also do some pictures of my dishes. I usually grow different type of lettuces and kales in two Sg9’s and in one Sg9 i grow herbs to add into salads. What are your favourite plants to grow and how many 9-packs to you keep at home to have replacements constantly available?

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Hi @Rachel_Burrows!
Yes, there are each garden power connectors seperately, but there is a nice felt bag where you can fit all adapters and cables so there is no mess.

I promised to show also how i use leafy greens in my dishes, here are romaine lettuce and dill:

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Perfect, thank you! I have ordered one. Can’t wait to get started :blush: xx


Hi again,

my setup looks something like this. It does not look “full”, because I cut off salad plants almost every day and plant new pods, so there are plants in every growth stages. I am really happy with plant stand 27 though.

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Hi there! I’m a first time gardener. Could you give me any tips in how to time the planting of so I can harvest something every day for salads? Many thanks! Jules

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