Moldy seedlings


My basil plants just sprouted and are covered with fuzz-like a fungus. I have done everything according to the directions. Should I take off the plastic domes? The seeds have just sprouted but no leaf is visible and it’s been over a week since set up.


Basil sprouts may contains tiny white hairs. It could be what you saw to be like fungus (it really looked like fungus), but is actually the hair (or root) of the plant.

I encountered “white stuff” on the basil sprouts before and examined them under high magnification and found out that it’s just the plant hair (or root?).

For the dome, can wait until the plant hit the dome then remove it.

There’s no need to remove it too early.


Could you post a picture of your plants?


i dont know how to do so. just image fuzzy seedlings that have
not even emerged


If I have an email address
I can send it