Newbie.. Aphids for 2nd time

Hi guys, I’m new to click and grow, from UK, I have just had my 2nd infestation of aphids, I was growing lettuce, tomatoes and basil, they seemed to be mostly in the basil.
They looked fine, and the next day they looked all floppy, wilted and there were so many bugs!
. I sprayed with dr Bromberg soap solution, for a few days but the plants didn’t recover.

I Dismantled the garden and the aphids and eggs were in the pods, the water, everywhere… I feel so disheartened, and reluctant to try again!
I suspect they came in from outside as my patio door was in my grow room.
Any tips for future growing, would be appreciated…
I will move them to a different room, I’m wondering whether they calm down when the weather gets cooler, and if I should wait til autumn,

Hi Growgirl!

I’m sorry to hear that aphids took over your garden.
It is very likely that they came from outside. They can also be on the fruits and flowers we buy from the shop.
Best manage is to monitor your plants frequently. Pests are good at hiding under and between the leaves.
Luckily aphids are possible to control if detected in early stage. One way is to remove pod from the garden and just wash them off- do it every few days if needed.
Soap solution is also one natural way to remove them but plants have to be washed before consuming to remove any soap residues.
I would also recommend to wash your garden neatly before the next round.
Hope that you have better luck next time and you won’t have to deal with them!
Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: