Slow Support Response

What is your experience in the timeliness of support?
I realize there is likely a time difference of a couple hours from where I am at, but I started a ticket on Monday morning, got a response Tuesday, and then again silence for now over 24 hours. I even tried Facebook messenger same time and there has been no response since Monday there either.

In my support world is generally like 2 hours during business hours or less, but ok sure even giving a bit more range is 24 is getting long… or am I unreasonable? especially since the question was about a purchase, i’m now more than 2 days behind in shipping and they in a purchase, maybe I’m just anxious


Thanks for your post! For shipping enquiries please contact our support team on:


i have tried contacting support… and it’s now been 5 days waiting for a reply. That is why i was reaching out to the group if they knew of a better way

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Hi again,

We apologise for the delayed response time. We are currently experiencing a significant amount of tickets and will try to get back to everyone as soon as we can.

I have chased your ticket with the team, and you should have received a reply today.

All the best,