Water Level

Hello all,
I am so concerned about over watering that I fear I may be not watering enough. I have an unfortunate history of over watering plants so I’m having concerns here.
Every day I push down on the water level float to make sure it hasn’t reached the bottom of its travel and it pops up to indicate that water is still in the pan. I pulled up a pod to ensure the wick is wet and there is water in the pan. Water is present and the wick is wet.
My concern is that I initially watered when I started the garden just over a month ago and haven’t watered since.
Wait until the float hits bottom, is that the answer?

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Can you attach a pic of the current water level?

I must confess to abject paranoia about this watering post.
I checked the water level float this morning and it was at the bottom of its travel. I added water so the float is level with the top of the tank. I think I will give this subject a rest!
Thank you for your concern.

HI @hogmike,

what product do you have?


Sorry for the delayed response. I have the Smart Garden 9 and it is coming along nicely. I’ve clipped some lettuce and basil and my tomato plants are just starting to bud. Quite exciting!