Wild strawberry thining

Hello, my wild strawberries are 10 days old, and they are still very young… but one of the pot has more than 2 seedlings… should I start thining this? Or is it too young?

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Hi @joann883,

I would let them grow for a week or two. It is best to thin out extra seedlings as soon as the first true leaves appear.

Thank you! I just pulled one seedling out. Hopefully rest of them (2 seedlings) can share resources and grow well together :slight_smile:

Oh… I misunderstood and took out one seedling too early… I did not know what “true leaves” meant :sweat_smile:… I feel sorry for my seedling :sob:

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Dear @joann883, no need to worry, it is probably ok, just have some patience :blush:. It’s just slow growing at the beginning but the growth will accelerate soon. Just let nature take its course from here and leave it alone until flower stems appear.

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Thank you for your assurance :slight_smile: I’ll wait patiently and see it grows!