Browning/dying leaves

I have an ongoing problem with many of my plants. They sprout with no problems, but as after they grow for awhile, they just end up dying. All three pea plants have had this fate, and now my peppers seem to be too. It starts with a browning of the leaves (see picture).

Any ideas? I’ve already replaced all of the wicks and done a full clean (with lots of rinsing) of the water basin.

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Maybe it’s thrips if it is I would throw the plant out wash the garden and cups and replace the plants

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I’ve got aphids in my Apple tree (outdoors), but no bugs in my indoor garden :slight_smile:

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this is definitely thrips. You don’t really see them yet, until they mature. Though, at this stage of the damage there should already be white/yellow elongated bodies wandering around your smart garden.

It is highly recommended to get rid of the plants and clean the garden asap again. Aphids are “easy” to get rid of compared to thrips.

You can still harvest the red fruits though.

Best of luck!



If you shake the plant vigorously on a white wash basin, and tiny thin longish insects start crawling, it might be thrips.