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Hi all,

Please see the attached images; I found tiny, almost microscopic white / black little visitors crawling near the base and up the branch of my pepper plant.

I have some questions…

  • I destroyed the pepper plants. Is it likely this has infected all my plants?
  • why would this have happened?
  • can you treats this or is it unresolvable?
  • best way to prevent this happening again?

Thanks for your help,


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it seems you have thrips in your garden. Do you also have some weird spots on your plants, pale or somewhat silver-like?

They are very resistant and quite difficult to get rid of. I have not managed to get rid of them without throwing the plants out. Other users use different soaps and other natural remedies and it seems to help for a little while, but- they emerge again. Commercial growers use biological control (predators) but that also just keeps them in lower number and does not destroy the pests for good.

There is also a blogpost about pests and how to deal with the situation.



Happy new year! Thanks for your reply,

A few of the leaves have the silver sheen type appearance. They appear to not be a large amount of them.

Do they affect the growth of the plants?

Do we know what causes this?

Do I have to destroy months of hot Chilli plant growth? Or can the chillies rippen without being affected?

Again thanks for your help,

Kind regards

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