Red hot chilli peppers forever


I have a really good experience with the red hot chilli peppers pod, and I’d like to share it.
According to the app this plant should have finished a month ago. Despite her neighbour who has pests infection unfortunately this chilli plant started to bloom again. And not just blooming new pepper fruits are growing! I’m sooooo happy :blush:


This is amazing, @Amina!

Oh, chillies are the best, aren’t they? You can even repot the red hot chilli pepper if you want to keep it longer :wink:
I hope that the damage is minuscule. What kind of pest are you dealing with on the neighbouring plant?

Yes, they absolutely are @Debora :heart_eyes:
As I learned from our previous conversation (about infected basil) these pests named thrips. The small fellas ate the basil, the chives, the marjorams even before the baby plants could reach the dome. Fortunately the chillies have survived, I guess because the plant itself not edible. So following your instructions I replanted the chillies and washed the whole click and grow garden. On the second week of the quarantine I can’t wait to plant basil again :blush:

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Oh, silly me. I must’ve forgotten the response because the plants look great in this picture! I have seen thrips on chillies too so keep it in mind when growing your next plants, they kinda eat what they can. Thrips can hide in flowers, on the bottom of the leaves where they lay their eggs. Let’s hope we don’t see thrips ever again! :smiley:

So happy about your wonderful journey! Keep on growing :smiling_face:

I’ve learned the lesson for a life that’s for sure :nerd_face:
These cheeky little rascals made me angry but in a meanwhile when such miracles happen like these tomatoes (also replanted), they convince me that it’s indeed worth continuing :blush:

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