Sweet Red Pepper plants are spreading a lot!

My pepper plants are healthy and happy. Which makes me happy. I am a little concerned though that they’re spreading out and may crowd each other too much. They’re probably not going to get near the light bar. I’ve rearranged them so the largest is in the position that gets a little less light. Which has worked I guess; it’s a little paler than the others. But they’re all super healthy and I’d like to keep them that way.

I haven’t grown SG peppers before so I don’t know what to expect as to blossoming or continued growth. For now, is there anything I should be doing viz. their attempt to conquer the world? :laughing:

Thanks much.

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That’s about the size I transplanted mine to the balcony in a rectangle planter with a drip dish and all of a sudden the flowers came out.

Thanks @GaryL . I had thought about transplanting. I did of course do that when I started tomatoes from seed and moved them to larger containers under lights until they could go outside. They’re doing well by the way.

But these peppers are strictly indoor critters and I do wish there was a magic fix so I could keep them in the Smart Garden. They’re what comes in the pod so they must have a history. I’d surely like to know how large I should expect them to grow. And when they’re likely to flower and set fruit.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep your experience in mind. Good to know the peppers were happy with the transplant. Do you have photos?

I take the full pod, and drop it in a good garden flower soil like Miracle Grow. That gives the roots a whole new set of nutrients that creates new flowers. I live in Miami so I have an annual growing season with lights. I bought a small light set from Amazon for $12. I get about 5 new tomato flowers every day.