Confused pepper?

I planted all three pods of the “Red Sweet Pepper” I bought here in June. They germinated well; were a bit slow to blossom but now all three do have fruit. All of which is nice except that two of my three plants seem to be some sort of chili pepper. Only one has the expected shape of the sweet pepper. The other two have elongated fruit some of which goes up. The pod package shows three pods all alike with an image of a sweet red pepper.


Am I correct in my assumption that I have a mixed crop or is it possible that some sweet peppers are have a similar habit to the chilies? If they are chilies, what are the stages of heat development? I suspect that leaving them to go to full red would result in the higher Scoville reading but would like to know what they’d taste like if picked earlier.

I guess this is a case of “the adventure continues”. :thinking:

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Hi @HappyME

I’m so sorry for this inconvenience, please feel free to submit a ticket to our support. Do you still have the package that has the production code on it? It would be very helpful for us to track it.

My first impression is that it is still sweet pepper, but there is a variation in fruit shape. It is unlikely a chili. But definitely let us know how it turned out.

The pepper type changed from a lunchbox pepper to the traditional red pepper. I have both growing. They taste the same. Just different shape.

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Thanks @GaryL Is the lunchbox pepper’s growing habit the same as the hot peppers? With some growing “upside down”?

Also, how many fruits would one expect per plant? My expectations may have been too high.

Thanks again. Be Safe.

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They may grow upside down depending on how the flower was situated. They taste the same. They just look like a hot pepper. I have both. I have had as many as 6 on a plant at the same time but now I have a taller one that probably has 12 on it. They are still green. They turn red when they are ripe.

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@GaryL , they’re gorgeous! I remember you transplanted them early and had tons of blossoms. I didn’t and don’t. Three hot-shaped on one plant, 1 normal and a tiny bell shaped on the middle one; two hot-shaped on the third. And non apparently on the way. I think maybe my future doesn’t hold pepper plants; I do very well with leafy herbs and greens. I’ll probably stick with those. Meanwhile, I’ll be patient and wait for color on my “crop”.

Again, thanks much.

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