Worldwide new plant pod testing - Red Sweet Pepper


Hi, Click & Growers!

About a year ago we recruited 5 of you to be our at home testers, agreeing to be the guinea pigs for new and up-and-coming plant pods we are considering launching! Our testers grow potential new plant pods around the world in different climates and locations with different light and temperature levels, helping us find the plants that can withstand any environmental conditions and be brought to all of you promising the highest yield and growth. With their help, we have tested and launched Rosemary and Dill. Also, Black Pansy, Piri Piri chili and Plain Parsley will be available soon!

In exchange for being testers, they post weekly updates with photos in our Gardeners forum so all of you can see and share any helpful tips and see what new plant we are testing!

Our five testers are now starting to test Red Sweet Pepper - a plant with highly ornamental flowers and fruits, packed with vitamins A and C!

They will be sharing their weekly photos and updates in the comments of this post, so if you’re interested in staying up to date, check back!



How does one become a tester?


Just receive my capsule today ! Thanks !


Received my Red Sweet Peppers yesterday. They’ve now settled into the CnG Unit (20 Dec 2018).



Me too ! Just click into my SG9 today 20th Dec.


Can’t wait to see the results! I love eating Bell peppers!


Day 4 (24 Dec 2018) - the red sweet peppers have started to germinate, I can see tiny white roots developing!

IMG_0594 IMG_0595


Day 4 . Red pepper showing signs of germination too ! Indoor temp 27°C


I am sorry for the delay to post, but i didn’t found the link.
I received the seeds last week , and planted on the 21 December, here is a picture of Day 1.


Day 7 (27 December 2018) - Just got back to the office after the Christmas break. Two of the red sweet peppers have sprouted tiny leaves! For the further one on the right, I can see a small green stem; the leaves should be popping up quite soon.



Day 7 all the red pepper sprouted. Will thinned them and choose the strongest seedlings !


Thanks for bringing up thinning! It is really crucial to do for good growth.


Hello everyone. Happy holidays!

Just got the pods today. This is day zero for my test plants: 12.27.18.


Happy New Year to All!
It is Day 12 and the pepper have sprouted, as you can see in the picture is something small, only the middle one has already 2 small leaves, but the other ones are catching up.


Day 14 red pepper.


Looks like a healthy plant.


Day 09.


It was Day 16 and all of the capsules have some leafs, still small but they are starting to show.


Day 21 (9 Jan 2019) - Happy New Year!

The sweet peppers are growing steady. They have sprouted many more leaves and growing a little taller.