Worldwide new plant pod testing - Red Sweet Pepper


Day 14


Day 21 leaves grow so big like a little canopy !


Day 16

Thinned to one plant per smart soil. Will transplant the 2 extra plants after the roots recover.


I am so excited ! I spotted some flowers buds this morning !


Just 5 days difference from my peppers and yours have started flowering. Amazing.


Yes it is most likely I lived in a tropical region with room temperature around 28°C thus has a upper hand with peppers


Its Day 23 and i removed the domes about two days ago.
They are developing in a smaller pace comparing to the others, and the leaves are a bit soft and fragile.
The weather its a bit colder in the last few days, for our country is not normal to have a polar cold wave or this kind of temperatures. Can it affect that much ?


What is the temperature exactly? Peppers do love warmth, but can handle somewhat lower temps too, as they have already sprouted.

Don’t forget to thin the pods! :wink:


Day 21


It was day 29, and this week i found the top soil was full of mold in 2 capsules. I clean it and i will thin them as soon as possible. But they are growing slowly comparing to the others. The temperature here is about 8ºC but its getting warmer now.


Wow, Sara, is that 8ºC indoor or outdoor temperature? :thinking:


Its outdoor but indoors it pretty much the same, in portugal is not very common to have central heating, so maybe 12ºC … max 15ºC inside ?


Day 31. All three peppers has flower buds growing. I expected it to be taller but they are rather stout.


Hi all!

Due to holidays, I have started quite late to grow the plants…thou the results I am seeing in everybody’s performance are quite stunning!

This is day 14th, the pods are growing fast, I can already see the first green leaves, go peppers!


I too would love to show how my plants are growing. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the pods to be shipped out.

Please have your Customer Care team check their Zendesk Support Queue. I’ve been trying to receive these pods since Christmas.


That low temperature is definitely affecting the growth of the plant.


Day 36 (24 Jan 2019) ~ My red sweet peppers are doing extremely well! The leaves are huge and they are starting to grow flower buds!


Day 28


Day 34 I see a few flower buds open up ! Didn’t do any manual pollination for peppers. Shall observe and see if fruits can formed. So excited ! Room temperature in Singapore 28°C


Its Day 36, and this week i thinned the red pepper. I was able to have 6 roots to transplant. Like the other weeks the pepper that is in the smart garden is growing very slowly.