Worldwide plant pod testing- Mibuna


Hi, Click & Growers!

About a while ago we recruited 5 of you to be our at home testers, agreeing to be the guinea pigs for new and up-and-coming plant pods we are considering launching! Our testers grow potential new plant pods around the world in different climates and locations with different light and temperature levels, helping us find the plants that can withstand any environmental conditions and be brought to all of you promising the highest yield and growth. With their help, we have tested and launched Rosemary, Dill, Black Pansy and Red Sweet Pepper. Also, Piri Piri Chili and Plain Parsley will be available soon!

Our five testers are now starting to test Mibuna - a Japanese leafy vegetable that has a refreshing sweet mustard flavor. Like most oriental greens, Mibuna can be eaten raw in salads or used in stir fries or soups. It is a fast growing salad green that can be harvested already in 3 weeks after planting as ‘cut and come again’, because single leaves can be harvested over a longer period of time.

Our testers post weekly updates with photos in our Gardeners forum so all of you can see and share any helpful tips and see what new plant we are testing! So, if you’re interested in staying up to date, check back!


Looking forward to see the progress.


Here is a picture of Day1 and i am ready to test the new seed Mibuna.


I’ve planted the mibuna on 14 May 2019. Today, I see the seeds have started germinating, there is a baby root. So exciting!

[Day 2 - 16 May 2019]



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Hi everyone. Good to see all tester here again. Yes I I recieve my test capsules on 8th May and i clicked into my SG9 immediately.

. Today is day 8th.


Wow! Its a pretty fast growing plant! Looks like mibuna really enjoying C&G!

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I’ve planted the new Mibuna seeds on the 10th May and its progress is impressing.
It’s already germinating and I can see beginning of the plants.
Lookig forward to the next weeks