Worldwide new plant pod testing - Gazania flower

Hi, Click & Growers!

A while ago we recruited some of you to be our “at home” testers, agreeing to be the guinea pigs for new and up-and-coming plant pods! Our testers grow plant pods around the world in different climates and locations, helping us find the plants that can withstand any environmental conditions and be brought to all of you promising the highest yield and growth.

With their help, we have tested and launched Rosemary, Dill, Black Pansy, Red Sweet Pepper, Piri Piri chili pepper, Plain Parsley, Mibuna and Apple mint…

Our testers are now starting to test Gazania flower ! Aka treasure flower is an attractive flower that comes in many colors. Gazania blooms are light-sensitive! It means they will close at night, and on cloudy or wet days the blooms of your gazania will not open fully.
First flowers should emerge in about 50 days after planting. To extend flowering continue deadheading, the plant pod should last three months easily.

Our testers from different regions with different growing conditions post weekly updates with photos in our Gardeners forum under this post, so all of you can see and share any helpful tips and see what new plant we are testing!

Thank you and happy exploring!

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Just received the pods. Thank you :slight_smile: Very excited !!

We have a heat wave going on here in this part of Europe, with temperatures potentially reaching 35Celcius, and it might be even warmer inside the home, especially during the day.

Would it be a good idea to plant the pods now, or wait until after this weekend when the heat wave will subside? Are these plants tolerant to such heat?

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Hi @noipv4,

Feel free to plant them right now. Gazania performed very well in our climate tests at 30C, we would like to see how it performs also in real life :slight_smile:

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just received mine, planted and ready to go. Thank you Mirjam :heart:

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Hi everyone. I am still waiting for my capsules to arrive. We do have these flowers selling in the nursery and I am very excited to plant them from seeds. Looking forward.


Just got them today. Clicked!

Day 00


sprouted in only 3 days


Day 05

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So the Gazanias were masquerading as Marigold ;), but after sprouting we know that they are infact Gazanias

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the other 2 are not doing anything