Worldwide new plant pod testing- Plain Parsley



Dear members of Gardeners Forum,

About a year ago we recruited 5 of you to be our at home testers, agreeing to be the guinea pigs for new and up-and-coming plant pods we are considering launching! Our testers grow potential new plant pods around the world in different climates and locations with different light and temperature levels, helping us find the plants that can withstand any environmental conditions and be brought to all of you promising the highest yield and growth. With their help, we have tested and launched Rosemary and Dill. Also, Black Pansy and Piri Piri chili will be available soon!

In exchange for being testers, they post weekly updates with photos in our Gardeners forum so all of you can see and share any helpful tips and see what new plant we are testing!

So please, give a warm welcome to our 5 plant testers who are all currently testing Plain Parsley- a plant you have been asking for! Plain parsley is a widely cultivated culinary herb that is packed with vitamins C, B, 12, K, and A.

Our testers will be sharing their weekly photos and updates in the comments of this post, so if you’re interested in staying up to date, check back!



Hi. Last Friday (10.05.18), I received the CG3 and yesterday (Tuesday, 10.09.18) I received the experimental plant pods with plain parsley seeds.

Day 00 will be Tuesday, 10.09.18.



Thanks for sharing. Where are you located? What’s the climate like in your region? :slight_smile:


I’m from Toronto, Canada. It’s fall now.


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Hi I am Connie…from Singapore. I receive your test capsules of the plain leaf parsley. Started it on 6th Oct. So far no sign of germination yet.


Greetings to everyone from Portugal.
Its Day 4 now, (planted on the 10.10.2018) and i am excited to test new seeds again.
There are still no developments, but its still early.


Just popped the capsules into the click and grow last Friday (12 October 2018). One thing I noticed is that there are so many seeds in a capsule!

I checked on the capsules today (Day 4), no sign of germination so far. But I did see some white fluff forming, which is probably some mould from the moisture. So I’ve taken the dome off one of them to see if it’ll improve.


Day 10 . I see some germinated !


No significant photo update after 7 days. There is possible germination happening and will post as soon as there is visible growth.


yes, indeed. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for parsley to germinate! :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

Fall is taking its time in Italy…it is still 24 C degrees!
Here is day 3 of the parsley, it will take few weeks to germinate but I’m thinking already on how I can use it in my cooking recipes =)

Best of luck to all testers!


Thank you @ludoP for the update. Really hoping to see some green color soon.

Please don’t fill the tank so much next time :slight_smile:


Where are you at Regina?


Day 09 (Taken 10.18.18)

All pods have germinated some seeds. 2 with visible sprouts.


Its Day 11, and they have germinated.
The middle capsule already has leaves coming out, but the other two i think they just need one more day or two to start to show (they have some movement but its slower than the middle one).


all three capsules of plain leaf parsley germinated and growing on day 14


At Day 10 (22 Oct 2018) and we have sign of life! There was no sign of germination when I left the office on Friday and it was so nice to come back on Monday to see tiny leaves!

However, there is still some mould issues - slight white fluff and cluster of gray matter on the ungerminated seeds. I’m taking the dome off to see if they’ll improve.


I’m located in Hong Kong. The CnG unit is kept in an office with 24 hrs a/c, constantly around 22 - 24 degree C


Day 14 (Planted 10.09.18)

Day 14