Worldwide new plant pod testing- Plain Parsley



Thank you for the update @Gene! Good germination rate.


Hi there!
In italy the weather has been crazy in the last week (with days at 8 degrees and others at 26…), unfortunately, I think it has negatively affected the pods as houses are not warmed up yet…

Here at day 9, I cannot see the germination yet, although the seeds are very visible and look like they are developing. Even if they are slower, hopefully, they will grow up with no problems.


Day 20


Day 14 (26 Oct 2018) - all pods have sprouted cute baby leaves!


Its Day 19 now, and I removed 2 days ago the domes of 2 capsules.
They are big and full, but the first capsule it’s a big behind. The other two, we can see that despite being super small the parsley itself had already blossomed.


Day 21 (Planted 10.09.18)


Day 17

Slowly, thanks to the heat in my flat, the plants are growing! All 3 of them show leaves and appear healthy. I am very curious to see how tall they will become


It was Day 26 and i just added the extension on the light because one of the capsules has reached the light . The other ones are a bit back on the grow but evolving.


Day 28 (Planted 10.09.18)


Great to see that all plants are doing well! Has anyone already tasted it? If so, how’s the flavor?


Test capsules on day 32 15416780469601228301695147142011|243x500


It is Day 32 and the parsley is big and strong.
There is a few branches that are closer to the ground but maybe i need to find a systems like Connie to put them up.


Lovely plants! No need to push them up. Feel free to cut off some leaves with the stem (in full length). This makes the plant wanting to grow even more new leaves. If you remove some of the largest leaves that are taking most of the light- new leaves will have more energy to grow.

Happy growing!


Day 35 (Planted 10.09.18)


Will do that.


Day 18 (2 Nov 2018) - the parsley are doing extremely well! Will be adding an extension to the light soon.


Day 34 (18 Nov 2018) - been away for the past week or so. So good to know the parsley are growing well! I’ve added the last extension to the light since they are growing tall!


Nice and green, when are you planning the first harvest?


It is Day 39 and this week i add the last extension of the light.
I already did my first harvest and the taste is good. I also cut a bit more that i need it and the next day they were still fine, green and strong to use like they were fresh cut.


Hi there,
Here it is at day 32, the parsley is growing up pretty good! (even if with its slow start…).

The leaves are full of colour, they taste and smell good! I have already cut some of the leaves for cooking purposes.
Looking at the other members’ photos I noticed that my parsley is not standing up properly, it grows more “horizontally”, than standing fierce up…Can I do something to help them?
Moreover the plant in the middle always seems to grow more, the one closer to the light it’s second, and then the last one…aside from switching places do you have any tip?

Thanks! And have a lovely Monday,