Worldwide new plant pod testing- Plain Parsley



Day 42 (Planted 10.09.18)
Used some sprigs for soup.


Day 49 Harvested some leaves for my mushroom soup. Very strong flavour !


(I am sorry for the delay but i was in a business trip and only returned yesterday night)
Its Day 47 and this week i had to add something to keep them straight, i just had 2 plastic things to use but the corner one doesn’t need it that much, because is against the light extension. I had the need to put this because they were practically on the ground, i assume due to the weight.


Seems like it’s time for harvest!
Harvest all the tallest and largest leaves and then you can lower the lamp again, until next yield.

I was wondering, why do you feel that the parsley needs support?


It is Day 53, and as suggested by the Click and Grow I removed the support from the parsley last week and this week some of the leaves from the middle capsule turned yellow and I don’t know why.


yes, some older leaves may turn yellowish as they start to age, and they don’t get that much light (as the lamp is so high).
The common rule for herbs is that one extension allows the right height for herbs and the second one is usually not needed, as it raises the lights too high.
I would harvest it- cut the leaves with the stems (full length), lower the lamp to one extension arm and wait for next growth :slight_smile:

I also post here my own test, 96 days. Temperature range is around 20…22 C. I had 2 full harvest, though I have removed single leaves occasionally. Herbs like to be cut!


Day 60 of the parsley. Did my second harvest and I cut back a lot of the stems. Waiting for new shoots to grow again !


After 69 days.


Hi @Gene, thanks for the update!
That Plain Parsley looks so nice, are you happy with it?


Yes. Very much! They have grown beautifully. I have only harvested once though. Have yet to use them in other recipes.


Since the new test plants (red sweet pepper) have arrived today (12.27.18), I had to transplant the plain parsleys.