Worldwide new plant pod testing - Red Sweet Pepper


I spotted a baby pepper formed ! So excited ! That’s day 39


Day 35


Day 41. I see 3 little peppers formed. It’s very windy here at home. I suppose that helps with the pollination! Room temperature 28°C.


Day 43 (1 Feb 2019) ~ the red sweet peppers are so lush and green. All have budding bulbs and the middle one has flowered! There is now a tiny sweet pepper growing within the flower!

These plants are kept in the office where temperature is constantly around 22 to 24C


It is Day 42 and the peppers are pretty much the same. Of course it has a few more leaves and bigger but no sign of flowers or peppers yet. And like the other times I found moss on the soil that is showing, the cover one is in a beautiful brown. I scratch it but it came back again.


Interesting to see the difference between your plants growing in 12-15 C and other plants growing in higher room temperatures.
As for the white mold, it normally do not harm the plants. Some recommend scraping the mold away and dust the dirt with cinnamon. Another way could be to mix a little bit of sodium benzoate with water and spray the dirt with it, sodium benzoate is a preservative that prevents mold.


7th Feb 2019. Bigger leaves are trim off to give more space and lights to the rest of the plants.


Day 42 (Some leaves started turning yellowish)


Day 50 (8 Feb 2019) - more flowers and a pepper is developing! Some of the bigger leaves are getting a little yellow, I’ll be trimming those off soon.



Hi! Day 17th and the plants are growing (slower than at the beginning but steady).

No sign of any sweet pepper, thou no mushy or anything out of the ordinary.
The plant closer to the light always shows a big difference in terms of growing quicker than the others, but I try to exchange their places one in a while to let them grow similarly.

Have a lovely weekend,


Its Day 49 and the pepper its pretty much the same height but this week , the middle one and the capsule that is close to the light have a small button of flowers prepare to grow.


Day 53 for the CNG test capsules Red Sweet Pepper. I see 4 big peppers growing. I see a lot of flowers and some already had fruits formed. Very easy to pollinate. Not much work to be done unlike tomatoes


Day 49


Are my red peppers being attacked by pests? There seems to be something on the leaves. Anybody familiar with this? Thank you.


Yes, the are. Mix a bit of dishwashing detergent, rubbing alcohol, water and then spray your plants. After a few minutes you can rinse them with fresh water.


are you sure it is pests, not edema?


Hi Mirjam.

I believe you are correct. They don’t look like insects but crystals. I googled about crystals on pepper leaves and one gardening thread has a similar problem and someone suspected that it’s edema. I already placed a portable fan as suggested by the thread - to have an air circulation. I will also try to remove excess water from the cup when I get home tonight.

Do you have any other suggestions to fix it? Thanks.


Hi Gene,

Since it is a test you should not do much, but yes, improving air circulation would improve plant health.


Its Day 56 and this week i added the extension to the light. They were not touching yet but the corner one wasn’t receiving much light so i though best to add the extension. Besides that, it keeps growing at a slower rhythm but its getting there, now all three have buttons.


Day 56. The edema symptom has been greatly reduced. Fruits developed and a lot of flowers are noticeable.