Worldwide new plant pod testing - Red Sweet Pepper


Day 67 (22 Feb 2019) - Each of the pepper plant has a baby pepper of its own now! However, the flowers are dropping off for some unknown reasons. I can’t seem to be able to get more than one pepper per plant.





Is the green part falling off too? The green part is the main part as long as it’s healthy youll have peppers. The flower is supposed to fall off its just how G-d made it.


Are you helping with the pollination? One cause of flower drop is pollination failure. I use a small paintbrush or a Q-tip.


Day 63 i have total of 6 big peppers and 10 smaller fruits among the 3 pods. Still green not turning red yet !


Its day 64 and the middle capsule has a flower about to blossom … The ones that are in the corners are bigger than the middle one but with no flowers yet, just leaves that grew significantly this week.


Hey @Connie_Stephanie_Che . I noticed you have taken the plastic lids off which is not recommended because moss or mold is more likely to thrive there. I suggest you put them back immediately. Also it looks much nicer with the lids!


Day 63


It’s ok if some flowers drop off, the plant is simply unable to produce fruit from every flower, especially if they appear so numerously. Continue pollinating and just clean up the debris and let the plant do its own thing :wink:


Hi all!
It’s day 57th here.
My smart plant shows the same journey as yours: a little bit of moss on the base, huge dark green leaves (they are quite impressive! as there are 3 plants I am worried they steal each other light / nutriments / vital space etc, maybe for this plant it could be better to plant only 2 seeds capsules on the extremities?).
From day 53th I am finally happy to announce that I have seen the first small white flowers. From your tales, I am now looking forward to see the peppers.
Thou I love the wild side of this plants I have to admit that after so many weeks I was starting to doubt the peppers were ever going to grow…



Day 70 - Two (2) fruits so far. One from the closest to the light support and one from the middle.


Peppers turning red. Slowly but surely click on 20th Dec 2018. Today is 10th March 2019


Its Day 77 and we have about 5 small peppers growing. There is still a lot of small flowers about to blossom but only 5 peppers showing. We have switch the last and the middle one capsule to give more light to the last to try to keep up with the others.


13 March 2019 (Day 87) - nothing has been happening to my sweet red pepper plants. There is only one grown pepper on each plant. I’ve actualky trimmed off leaves that were yellowing.


Day 77… still two fruits waiting to ripen


Its Day 84 and the first pepper that appear is starting to turn black, and the other will follow this week.

I notice this week that the other peppers that where thinned in the beginning are in much better shape regarding the height and the strength of the leaves. Just now they are showing the first signs of flowers but they seam stronger and taller. I have them closer to the light but they dont have direct light upon them. This different can it be regarding the size of the capsule or the amount of soil that they have to expand ?


Day 90 (18 March 2019) - I’ve got a pepper turning red and ripening! The pepper in the middle was the first to form, so it makes sense that it is the first to ripen. I’ve actually got a pepper on each of the plants, they are still quite green.


There are other peppers forming on the plants, but they are not exactly growing. I’ve trimmed back some leaves a few days ago, I can see tiny leaves sprouting. It will take some time before there is definitive new leaves.


Day 84. The 3rd plant has 2 fruits now. The first 2 still has 1 each.


The 2 extra red sweet peppers I transplanted are doing great.


Hey Gene. I am interested to do this maison jar planting. What kind of medium is this? Soil or hydro.


Day 62. Most of the peppers has turn red but the plants look obvious under nourish. I would repot it after it has harvest and will move on with new plants. Dear Admin are you going to send us new test capsules ?