Pepper plant

Has anyone else had bitter tasting peppers from the click and grow sweet red peppers? The colour and size are beautiful but it’s totally inedible. This is the second one I’ve had like this.
Please help

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Hey @jemacanseeyou,

Sorry to hear that the sweet peppers have a bitter taste to them. By the looks, it is nice red color and should be definitely ready to eat. I have not experienced this at the lab while doing plant tests or in my outdoor garden. But sometimes the growing conditions or lack of water while ripening can affect the fruits. It could be that peppers haven’t had proper irrigation at the time of ripening. Self-watering gardens should have no problems with water, but I can advise using perforated cups or to make your holes in the cups so the roots can freely grow in the water. For chilies, peppers, and tomatoes the growing time can be long and the plants can become rootbound before fully ready.

Sometimes cooking can help to break down the bitterness of the fruit. If it’s not edible fresh then try heating it.

Hope the next sweet peppers will do better.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I have one more left and I’m hoping that the next one will be fine! :crossed_fingers:t4: Do you happen to know the variety of them so I can do abit of research on them please

If there are still some problems you can always contact Support - here

Sorry, but I do not have the information about the variety of this sweet pepper.

Wishing the best

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