My red chilis aren’t turning red

How long does it normally take for a chilli to turn red? They’ve been there for 4 weeks already, still yellow… I’ve tried one, it does taste spicy… but just not turning red… I wonder why…

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Which chili exactly are you growing?

They can take a while to turn red. Unless you have a yellow variety.
Also its okay to stay green for a while, but yellow? Can you post a picture?

Take a look at this post also:

Red chili pepper from click n grow
The first pic is taken on 1st July…

N below is taken this afternoon…

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Or it is called green?
I hv just started planting my first plant 2-3 months ago with click n grow… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: still know very few things about planting…

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It just takes some patience. The fruits will change their color eventually.
Purple chilies may be eaten already as they are just purple- there is already heat in them.

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But your plants look good. Must be good Karma!

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My C&G chilies took more than a month to start turning red. I transplanted all the plants to slightly bigger pots. They look beautiful when they turn red.

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We have the same problem. Is was convinced I ordered red chili pepper pods, but our peppers are half purple and seem to have stagnated, they’ve been in the same state for the last 3 weeks. What to do?



Is the room very cold? My C&G chilies prefer >25C to redden quickly.

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