Small plant with only 2 chilipeppers


my chiliplant is now 99 days old and is still not more than 10 cm and has only gotten 2 chilies. It has had several flowers and I have tapped the plant/flower to make it pollinate, but no more has arrived…

The first chili to arrive (early may) began to get a brown spot even before the second began to grow. I saw another post with someone who asked about when they will be turning red and it was said that it could take some time.

I planted it in a pot with soil almost a week ago and hope it may produce some more flowers and gro bigger. I took a picture of it right before replanting it. Do you think it will help or did I replant it too late? Will it be able to get more flowers and peppers?


Chillies are usually turning red between 100-115 days. Of course it depends when it sprouted and how well is it growing.
I think you have done everything right and it was not too late for replanting. I belive your chilli will be very thankful for repotting and will produce more flowers and fruits. It just may take some time to see any changes, because rooting and adabting also takes some time.

Good luck with your chilli and keep us posted when you see any changes! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I actually saw a redish tint this morning so now it is happening :smile:

That is very comforting. Do you have any idea on how long? A couple weeks or months?

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Maybe 2-3 weeks.
Chili is one of the hardest plants to grow in the Click & Grow because it takes a long time and the nutrients will eventually deplete. Replanting usually works well. Also we are experimenting with new fertilizers to make the future plant pods better.

But for now I just hope the two chilies will have a taste which was worth waiting :wink:

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