Not only blossom drop but also green part?

Red hot Chili pepper day 48 now
It looks that grow health from day 1
It start to have white flower one week ago
They were pollinated by brush to move each other
However, around 4-5 flowers (with green part and the fruit) fell down, as shown in picture.
I planted tomato before, only the flower (without green part) fell down and they grew successfully.

I know plants seems to be health, but the flower of Chili looks abnormal :thinking: and will the fruit form? Can somebody tell me what’s wrong with it? And any solution to it?
Thanks :pray:

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Hi @billy

Unfortunately, not every flower turns into a fruit regardless of your effort, the flower that dropped looks fine. Also, it seems that your chili has just started flowering and there are many flowers forming. Just let nature take its course and there will be tiny fruits soon.

Did you thin out extra seedlings of your chili or it just has a lot of branches?

Yes, I have chosen the strongest one at around day 10.
It is only many branches (all of branches of very thin) in one plant, that’s why I think it is health but many flowers dropping like that make me confused.