Yellow chilli Pepper leaves turn yellow and flower bulbs drying

Some of my flower bulbs dried up before it had a chance to flower and leaves curling up and turn yellow. What should I do :confounded:

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Hi @JamJam

Thank for adding a picture along with your question. Actually, your yellow chili seems to be doing just fine. Don’t be alarmed if some flower buds fall off. Not every flower becomes a fruit. The plant has the skill to use its resources in the best imaginable way.
If you look carefully you’ll see that you already have some fruits growing. You may remove the curly leaves, that will also allow other leaves to get more light.

I hope you find this useful, keep us updated!

Btw, you will find a lot of useful information on the app

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My chilli plants seemed to be doing well and have flowers but many of the leaves are turning yellow. Not shrivelled like a previous question, just yellowing.
Any ideas? Not yellow chillis, just “chilli peppers”.

There are some aphids about which I am controlling and I don’t think it’s what’s yellowing the leaves.