Dying yellow pepper

Hi All,

I need some advice please…

So I’m new to the click and grow thing, 2 months in. I planted some yellow peppers which appeared to be frowning nicely, however I think one of the plants is dying. I have attached some pictures to show what state it is in. Leafs are going very yellow from dark green, pepper seems to be developing some black patches, and little white flowers are falling off with no new peppers within to start growing.

I’d like some advice on if it is infact dying? if I can save it? And what may have caused this plan to die after so long?

Thanks for your advice in advance


I don’t see any pests or an organic disease on your plant atm- which is a good news. So, something must be off with nutrients.

I would remove withering leaves and just leave it to grow and monitor it. It might be that is just needs some time for the nutrients to leach out and become available for the plants. How are other plants doing?

It is ok to have about three to four fruits per plant, so not all flowers form a fuit at all.

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