Why my sweet pepper stem grow tall and turn brown

Hi All,
I have question ,why do my sweet yellow bell paper that i grow of almost 3 months grow long stem and turn brown with less leaves and without any blooming of flowers?
Even leave that’s already exist in not green enough and the fall down and they grow and open very slow.?
What to do please?

I do plug the click and grow all time so 16 hours light and it turn off by it self ,water level is good…

Also found there is green and mold in pots is that effecting my plant cause i try to clear them but got back… how to get rid of that ? Last thing i grow one seed of yellow pepper in another pot but i did not grow well it got mold and top
Please find the attached pictures
Thanks for ur help in advance

What made you decide to raise the light? It’s most likely that the light is too far from the plant.

Hi thank you for replying :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush:
Actually the light is in the lowest case possible .but it may seems heigh or far cause i zoom it in while take photo,to explain that it grow long with less leaves and non green and no blooming… :sob::sob::sob: i really need help :sob:


It is very important to thin fruiting plants (sweet pepper, tomato, chili, strawberry) that there would be enough nutrients in the soil per one plant to develop fruits. It is the last time to do it cause your plant leaves are yellowish and falling down already because of the heavy competition between plants. I would recommend cutting off 2 plants with scissors because plants are already too big for pulling out.
If that one remaining plant still won’t recover after a week-two, the repotting would be the best option to save it. Here are some tips how to do that: https://eu.clickandgrow.com/blogs/news/your-guide-to-repotting-click-grow-plants
Skip ‘step 2 (cutting back)’ cause these are young plants.