Tomato plants start flowering, but no fruit, flowers dies without opening up

Day 30 something
My tomato plants have started flowering, seems growing well… but the flowers died n dropped without opening up… I didn’t even have a chance to pollinate them…
So far… dropped 5-6 flowers… n only one has sign that it might start bearing fruit…(actually… I’m not very sure…)
Is this normal?
All the leaves r healthy… but I’m wondering if pruning is gonna help…
Haha~ I’m a bit desperate…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



it seems to that only the yellow part of the flower has dropped off, right? Or did the whole flower drop with the green part too? It takes a little while until you see the actual baby tomato fruit that starts to form after pollination.

Tomato flowers don’t actually open entirely. For pollination it is just needed to give it a gentle shake to get some loose pollen to move.

Please, let us know how it’s going! The flowers on the pic seem like they need some pollination. :wink:

I see… I thought they’re gonna flower like chilli flowers…
N just specifically search tomato flowers online… finally get the idea…:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
Thanks for your advice!
I’m gonna shake all the flowers now!!!
Thanks!!! Thanks thanks!!!

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I didn’t know that they were ready for pollination… I’m a total gardening rookie😝
So… without any help… those flowers dropped off… (entire flower) … only one “survives”…
But now as I know what to do… I think there will be more fruits soon!!!
Your advice helps a lot…

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There are some flowers on your plants and more to come. It will be ok.

Also, please keep in mind that not every flower produces a fruit. At the end, plant itself decides which flowers are meant for fruits and which are meant to fall off.

Happy growing!

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It is yellow mini tomato, day 60
Flower is opened half only, and then cannot be pollinated successful, and then the flowers die several day later
Any idea what’s happened? Any solution for this?

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Hi @billy
Thanks for the update. Your plants look great in that pic and they will bear fruit.
Even though it seems that the flower does not open fully it will still be pollinated, for this cultivar the opening is very narrow and once the pollen is mature it will pollinate the flower. Even just gently touching the flower (like a bee) will make the pollen move and it will fertilize the same flower. For this cultivar it is also ok to be pollinated with the same pollen of the very same flower. You don’t necessarily need to carry pollen from one flower to the other.
Also, it is normal, when yellow petals die back, it is supposed to do that. As long as the green part of the flower stays intact to the plant it is all good and soon you will see a little fruit forming.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have more questions feel free to let us know.

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