Tomato flowers drop while pollinating

Hi my tomato plants have been growing for almost 2 months now and still no fruit. The flowers just drop while I pollinate. What can I do?

For some reason I can’'t open the image you provided!? It would be very helpful to tell what can be wrong with your plant…

Here is a similar topic about Tomato Tomato plants start flowering, but no fruit, flowers dies without opening up

I read that topic already, but my flowers do open up but they fall without making any fruit.

Hopefully this photo goes through…
how Long does it normally take to get a fruit after the flower?
It also feels like the leaves are all dying, they are mostly yellow and withered

Thank you for the pic!

It seems to me that mostly only the yellow part of the whole flower has fallen off and the green part of it is still on the plant. On your picture I can only count 4 flowers that have entirely fallen off.
Your plants have many flowers and you will probably have fruits eventually. Not every flower turn into a fruit, because a plant could never bear all of those.

Let us know if there is no positive change!

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Alright thanks so much will keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

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For even pollinated flowers the petals always fall off. I would take a spyglass and look closely to the magic that is happening.