Lotsa Mini Tomato Flowers but None turned into Fruits

Anybody experienced this? I have lotsa flowers on all 3 of my Tomato plants. All started to flower but not one of them looks pollinated. I swear i nudged them, at least twice everyday. But so far, no joy…

Is it because of the Temperature around it? Its quite hot here in Singapore, only recently i shifted the whole unit into a Air Con Office to see if it helps. But it looks like it didn’t help anyway.

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If it is too hot the whole flower may fall off because the pollen might be infertile.

But if only fellow petals fall off not the entire thing it will be ok, just give it some time so the fruit could start forming.

Adding a picture would help to figure out if there are flowers that will have fruits on.

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I planted all 3 mini tomatos onto ground. Just realised that all 3 were about to get root bound as the roots had started to wrap around the bottom of the smart pod. And i clicked in 3 x Mini Yellow Tomato instead.

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Hi @Xiao_Feng,

it’s been almost a week now, have you noticed any change?

Did the yellow petals fall off or the whole thing? It may take weeks until you see the actual fruit forming.

Hi @Mirjam,

Thank you for checking out on the progress. But unfortunately i had to remove all 3 of them and plant them onto the ground. I clicked 3 x Yellow Tomato pod after removing them.

I last checked them on Monday and still there are nothing yet, other than being a bit under-watered as we had lots of sun here. It’s OK if there are no fruits on them. I think that they are just too small sized to bear them anyways. I had 5 bigger tomato variants at home which are about to flower and one of them are already producing many tomatoes, all of them are either in pots or in self watering pots. So i can use those to compensate my unfruitful results in C&G :sweat_smile:

Thank you once again for checking back.

Xiao Feng

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Hi again,

I think there is no more need to continue monitoring my 3 x tomato plants anymore. The grass cutters cut all of them to smithereens :man_facepalming:t4:



oh, that is not good, sorry to hear that. I hope you have better luck next time.

I walked pass the same spot where the grass cutter finished off my 3 x tomato plants. To my surprise, 2 out of the 3 survived with its main stem cut off. The additional stem by the side (Probably Suckers) continued growing, though not by alot.

Will it still grow or it will just remain like that? I know plants like basil will have Suckers, and the Suckers will take over and branch out as leaders.