Tall tomato plant with flower buds but not flowering

Mini tomatos planted on 11 Jan, age 78 days, temperature usually about 30deg. There are lots of flower buds but not opening, and the top stem seems a bit too tall. I have not pruned them before, and some of the lower leaves do have yellow tips.

Please help, thanks! As they are so tall I also can’t use the other 2 to plant new pods…

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I see no one responded. Take a qtip and cross pollinate the flowers and they will bud

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Hi @kk_rainy

Thanks for the information! This tomato thought that it’s the competition of who grows taller :smiley:

This is normal for a plant to have some yellowing leaves. The mini tomatoes should be okay to grow with one extension, so I’m wondering if they grew taller because adding one more extension made them grow toward light. If any yellow leaves appear you can snip them off when they don’t have any green in them.

I wouldn’t cut anything off because the plant seems to flower soon. Little patience and pollinating and soon you’ll have some tomatoes.

All the best