Tomato plant growing tall

Tomato plant in SG9 is growing very tall and has passed the LEDs
Please suggest if we should apply extensions arms? Added a photo.
And other tomato plant looks drying ? What could be the reason ? Photo addedUploading: 650C65CF-FDA9-4F54-A496-C3B5C6E6961C.jpeg… Uploading: B1E682FE-D17B-43A8-B44E-30EF8D8D42B8.jpeg…

Hi @Manisha,

could you please add the photo again, it is not visible atm.

Tomato plant leaves drying:

Please suggest what can be done…

Hi I have added photos for your reference… Also after pollinating the tomato flowers - its almost 3 weeks - no fruits have appeared… what could be wrong.

Hi @Manisha,

Thank you for adding more pics!
How old are the plants?
The high growth may be a result of high temperature, possibly? Mini Tomato is usually totally dwarf, though if the lamp setup is not aligned with the daylight- any plant would stretch out. Overall, the plants look healthy and there is a good number of flowers on them. It is normal if some leaves die back. The plants probably need stalking soon, so they would not fall over as the fruits start to form. If the temperature is too hot (more than 32C) the pollen may become infertile and less fruits are formed. Only then the whole flower will fall off and the plant will soon produce more flowers to be pollinated. But, don’t be alarmed if just yellow petals fall off, it takes a little while until the actual fruit starts to form. Also, not every flower will produce a fruit. The plant itself will decide which ones grow into fruits.
I would give it some time and monitor the situation.

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