Tomato not producing flowers and become tall

All the above steps are followed.

  1. The indoor garden is kept in well ventilated area along with other potted plants which is thriving.
  2. Water is filled from filtered connected tap so chance of clogging is less.
    3.We regularly mointor the water levels
    4.The device is connected to one of switch which have online ups system. So electricity cut-off and reset is not possible.
  3. We are not aware of thinning process for Tomato plant.
  4. Chilli plant we use small paint brush for pollination.

Need to know : Why Tomatoes are still not producing flowers?

Here are the photos -

It looks low on water. When plants get that big, I had to add water every 7-10 days.

Thanks Gary for your reply.
@Mia Can you please let me know what could have gone wrong - why the tomatoes grew so tall and did not produce flowers - where as the chilies grew well and produced flowers and fruits.
Waiting for your response.
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Hi, I had the same problem and have had some luck since I moved the plants into a sunny window (since they were well beyond the lights), and also made sure they had at least eight hours of dark. I think my tomatoes were growing too tall because the lights were on all night. My mistake. When I remedied it and moved the plants they recovered, flowered, and are now setting lots of fruit. Whew! :upside_down_face: Good luck!