Flowers but no tomatoes

The tomato pod has been growing for almost 2 months and has lots of flowers. None of them, however, turn to tomatoes. The flowers simply dry up and the leaves turn yellow. Do you have any suggestions please?

A simple issue of pollination. Unless you have bees flying around, you should take a small paintbrush and be a bee yourself. From one flower to another.

But what about the temperature and lamp height? It looks to me that the plants are quite tall, which could refer to plants being stretched out? No?

The plants seem a bit stretched. Maybe is it a stretched photo?
If not. Is it very hot in your room?

It also seems to me that the lamp is too high, but that should not affect pollination and fruiting.For tomato- just gently shake the plant to get some pollen loose. Once a day is perfect!


I am having a very similar problem. I have the 9 pod garden. The 3 tomatoes are one side and are tall-ish (there is some fruit) and leaning to one side. I also have Yellow Bell Peppers that are doing OK and on the other end. I have Yellow Hot Peppers in the middle, they are growing the best.

I have my garden in an area where there is no sunlight, could that be a problem.
Also I read elsewhere on this blog that I should be using distilled water, could that be a problem.
A final question, is there a problem adding Miracle Grow ??

Many Thanks in Advance!!!

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Yes, tomatoes and peppers are the trickiest to grow because their life cycle is the longest.
Distilled water helps. Maybe you are also able to measure the pH in the substrate? It can be that if water conditions are not right, it can affect the pH for long growing plants.
I would take this as a first step and if necessary fix the pH with a suitable fertilizer.

The lack of natural light should be no problem for a Click & Grow SG9.


Imho adding Miracle Grow for tomatoes is okay. But you have to know what you are doing. And you should start with very small doses.

Also spraying the leaves with a suitable micro-nutrient fertilizer might alleviate any nutrient deficiency problems for fruiting plants.


Planted my tiny yellow tomatoes into @clickandgrow in march. Got 6 :seedling:from 3 cartridges. Decided to keep all of them. 3 stayed in cartridges and another 3 was planted into ordinary soil and left in greenhouse. Well… those, that were in @clickandgrow grew soon so tall that didn’t even fit under the lamp, so I decided to replant them also into ordinary soil and put in greenhouse. In July I tasted my first yellow :tomato:


WOW… I have some tomatoes but not as much… I believe weather plays a part… wonder if they like cooler or warmer temperatures…

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Tomatoes love sun and warm weather, but (!!!) they also like fresh breeze, so in greenhouse I usually hold doors open so wind can blow and there is no extra humidity inside.
I also (twice in month) uze fertilizer (organic… basically :ox::poop:).

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A tomato growing in the Click & Grow Wall Farm



Hi Kristina and all,
My yellow tomatoes look very sick. I did get flowers and some fruit. The yellow Bell Peppers and Yellow Hot peppers are not looking very good.
The tomato stems from the pods are pencil thin. I have gone so far as to put support wires on them because they were leaning over the side.
I hare an air conditioned house, not a swamp cooler, could that be the cause of sickly looking plants??

Hi, Larry_G!
I’m not a professional gardener, but there is something I know about tomatoes and bell peppers as I am growing them for a fourth year in my greenhouce (note - not a click and grow). Peppers love sun and warm temperatures as do tomatoes. As every person needs food :shallow_pan_of_food: (not only water :sweat_drops:) same do the plants, so if it is possible, try to fertilize them (maybe some advice from C&G team?). Tomatoes :tomato: imho are like weed, they live in almost every condition if they get enough of food, water, sunlight (or lamplight) and a warm place to grow. Air conditioned home… hm… what is the temperature inside? If it’s 18-20 degrees ©, then it is a bit low for both of the plants, maybe you consider to place them near sunny window?
Also, for tomatoes… I would recomend to cut out side shoots as they make plant weak. If you grow tomatoes and peppers indoor, don’t forget to play bee :honeybee: and pollinate them, then all the flowers shall not get dry, and begin to make tomatoes :tomato:

Ps. Side shoots can easily be rooted so you get every time a new tomatoe plant (tomatoes are like weed, remember?).

Pps. Don’t forget, that my tomatoes look good because they grow in pot, where their have more space for their roots. Before I replanted them they were also tall and i planted almost half of plant under the soil so it could make more roots and get stronger. Also I fertilize them twice in month.

Still hope you enjoy C&G basil :herb: mmmm… tasty :yum:


I haven’t converted C to F, but I keep the house at about 75 during the day and 73 at night. The main thing about refrigerated air conditioning is it is very dry air. I put my C&G outside in a screened in gazebo. Hopefully the outside humidity will help.

Many Many thanks for your speedy reply.

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Tomatoes are indeed a lot trickier to grow than herbs. They need time, energy and nutrients to:

  • Grow the plant
  • Grow the flowers
  • Grow the fruits (most difficult for the plant)

While herbs can be enjoyed just after the first step.

The longer it takes for the plant to complete its purpose the more environment matters. So what I propose is to start with herbs. Move on to flowers and then try fruits.

Gardening is an art and although Click & Grow does just about everything, there are conditions that we cannot control.

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Thank you @priit for sharing this pic of your Mini Tomato?

It looks really good, almost too good. Do you have any special tricks to share- other than thinning to one plant per pod and pollinating?

K**strong text**image

These are my 3 - 20 days old tomatoes pod. It had many buds. What should I do next


Looking really good!

I would pollinate the flowers with a paintbrush when they appear. And then time and patience.

Looking fabulous!