Flowers but no tomatoes



But some of the flowers had dropped off. I have tried brushing them.


Yes, flowers always drop off.
Here is a cool pic of whats starting to go on now.

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My Mini Tomato plants are looking very healthy. They were planted 25 days ago… Plants have not become tall (mostly around 10-13 cms)… There are lots of buds and also one or two yellow flowers are also blooming… But I feel the plants are very dwarf and will they be able to bear the fruits if they are so small in height… I have seen the video of pollinating and will do as some more yellow flowers bloom…

I have gone through mostly all the posts on this forum and on the support website of Click And Grow… Everywhere I have seen the tomato plant size is taller than the ones at my home.
Please let me know if the growth is ok. The climate here in Pune is hot - temperature around 28- 32 degrees C

Here are 2 pictures of the plants -



My tomato plant is from August 9 and is very healthy and bearing fruits. The height of this plant is only 7 centimeters.
It is a miniature tomato, just as the name on the package says.
I had 2 plants growing in the same pods. I removed one of them, so the other one would have enough room to grow.


Your plants look adorable and healthy!

As the name says - it is a mini tomato.



Your Mini Tomato plants do look adorable and healthy.

Yes, the temperature range is perfect for tomato- they do love warmth!

As mentioned above, it is a dwarf cultivar and it remains dwarf, but it will grow a few cm higher as it matures. Your SG9 has red lights- that also promotes compact growth in addition to promoting flower and fruit formation.

Don’t feel disappointed if some flowers fall off- not every flower turns out to be a fruit. Also, as the fruits start to mature the plant may loose some leaves- also normal course of events as the plant is relocating its resources.

Let us know how it is going!


Thanks a lot Mirjam for your reply… Sure I will be sharing the growth of the plants here on this forum :blush:




If the flowers on my tomato plant dry up and doesn’t drop by itself, should I remove it?


Hi, is it just the yellow petals and the green part of the flower is intact and you can see that the fruit is starting to form?
No need to remove it, it will fall off eventually as the fruit grows and matures.


Hi! It wasn’t pollinated and there are no fruits but the dried up flowers have been there for more than a week.


It’s ok, yellow petals will dry anyways. The green part of the flower (that is most important) looks healthy. I would just leave it as it is. It is going to take a while until the fruit forms.

Tomato flowers don’t open entirely and the pollen is not loose. So, even if you accidentally touched your plants- you pollinated them.


My tomatoes were planted December 30th and they are tiny?


yes, they really are small indeed but it is totally normal.