Mini tomato not producing fruits

My mini tomato is 2 months old and it has a lot of flowers but they are not becoming fruits, I am pollinating them with a brush, but they are drying and falling off, can anyone please help me out

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This is ok, they dry and fall off leaving tiny tomatoes in their place!

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But as you can see in the picture, no tomatoes exist

Just wait! They may be about 1-2 mm in diameter now

Take a Q tip or small paint brush and go between the flowers to self-pollinate. You need to do the work of bees. If you don’t spread the pollen no tomatoes. Trust me you will see results!

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It started fruiting eventually
Thank you for the replies


Plants are in their 3rd month and no tomatoes have grown. What could possibly be the reason ?

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Hi @DivyaA, welcome to the community! :green_heart:

What is the exact age, and do you remember when did it start flowering? It actually seems it has gone pretty well and many fruits are starting to form now. It is a very good indicator that only yellow petals have fallen off and the rest of the flower is intact. It means that plants are working on forming the fruits now. It may take weeks until you actually see tiny fruits coming, it takes patience, but it is all worth it.

Tomato plant is 3 months old. Loads of flowers, pollinate once every 3-4 days. No fruits. Moved it closer inside the house where it’s a little cooler, thinking it might be temperature related. Am in Singapore where it can get up to 24-27 celcius inside the house.
Could you let me know what I can do more (or less) of to see fruits?