Tomato plant not sprouting

My tomato plant hasn’t spouted and it’s been about 4-5 weeks…? Is this pod just a dud?

Also there seems to be a weird moldly spot in the soil? What should I do?

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Dear @Kkwon, welcome to the community!

Really sorry to see that! As you have waited already for so long it is probably a faulty plant pod, it should sprout within 3 weeks. The living component of the plant pod, seeds, may sometimes be problematic to control by us.

Please submit a ticket to the support and they will manage to send you new plant pods free of charge.

Mold and algae usually do not affect germination and that is probably not the root cause of not sprouting.

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Good morning;

I planted on 05.11.2020 and today a tomato plant has not germinated and one of the lettuce does not grow… could you tell me that it has happened to you and what should I do? Thanks a lot

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Hi @Churre,

Sorry to see that. Definitely let the support know that you happen to have some faulty pods, those will be replaced for free by Click and Grow.

Meanwhile, a pro tip. Transplant extra seedlings to the pod that did not sprout, as you need to remove extra seedlings from the pod on the right. Leave just one seedling per one pod to grow, this way it will have enough space, light, and nutrients to thrive.