Mini tomatoes not sprouting


My mini tomato pod didn’t sprout and just had this white fuzz after 3 weeks. Can this be replaced?


Was it only 1 pod that had this issue? Contact customer support. They should send you replacement pods. Also, tomatoes love warmth so I have a seed heating mat under my unit to help the germination. And sprinkling a little cinnamon on the soil helps with the fuzz.

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Thanks! Just one, though I mixed and matched planting the tomato with 2 basils so maybe that’s a no no. I didn’t see a place to contact support, will did around. Thank you!


I think we all mix pods up after the first basil planting to try the unit out. Contact them. They guarantee 100% germination. I “talked” to support earlier this week and mentioned how a couple of my pods didn’t germinate but that I knew there was no such thing as 100% germination. And that is when she told me that is what they guarantee and is sending me replacements. Just 1 reason I love Click & Grow.

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Thank you! Good to know they stand by their pods!


You have probably managed to send your request to the support already, but just in case the link is here.