Plant Pods

I have CG25 and the original 3 pod grower. I am struggling with your plant pods. I feel that I have spent a lot ordering your products to have only 50% grow. All tomatoes I purchased from you get spider mites, as did some of the peppers. The mustard germinated and died. The kale germinated and died. I got 2 sweet peas. Those were a waste of money. The pods mold regularly. It’s a big mess every 3-4 weeks in my garden. Is there any guarantee on failed pods? I can’t purchase any more until this is figured out

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Yes. Although it might not help you since you have to provide pictures as proof.

Good to know and thank you for providing.

Hello Betty @MQM

Really sad to hear that you are struggling.
In case of no sprouting or pest problems, we are offering you a new set of pods. Please write a request to our Support here:
In any case, pictures and commentary about your growing conditions will help us to resolve the issue and we hope to make up for it.
If I can help with any plant care information - please ask away. Click & Grow has a mission to make growing plants easy as possible and share the knowledge along the way.
Thanks for Your honesty. Hope it works out.

For mold, be sure you don’t fill the grower with too much water - the top of the float should be slightly lower. I scraped mine off with a toothpick and kept the water level lower - no mold since then. I keep my home at 65 degrees, which is too cold for most of the plants. I purchased an inexpensive hydroponic warming mat which resolved that problem. I’m not familiar with spider mites, but you may have to spray your plants with a food safe insecticidal soap. Please don’t give up - I’m sure someone can help you troubleshoot this.

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I noticed a little mould on the soil when I came to harvest my basil, but it didn’t affect the leaves. Thanks @g_robb53 for the tip about not overfilling the reservoir.