Unsuccessful last couple of Planting

I have been unsuccessful with all. My gardens currently are empty. I am so disappointed because I love these, and now coming into the winter I would want to grow more. Was there a crop of pods infested with insects/green like spiders?

It seems I cannot attach photos. HELP!

Hello @lauraheg64

Good to have you. Fear not, we got you. :seedling:
Have you contacted the Click and Grow Support also? They can also help with any problems that come up.

After your first post, you can attach pictures here. :slight_smile:

You mentioned green spider-like insects, I think they may be aphids but it’s best to tell from a picture. And then I can help you further.

If the whole garden has not been cleaned it can be difficult to eliminate the pests.

Looking forward hearing from you

Hi Debora,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. The whole garden has been cleaned out and laying empty for two weeks now. I’m a little reluctant to plant the pods I have. Concerned they are all contaminated.

Is the link on the website? I can look.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a picture, it’s telling me that an error occurred and I can only put one media in a post. Will try to send more pictures separately.

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Hey again

Thanks for the pictures! Sorry to confirm but the plants have a heavy infestation of aphids.

Here’s an excellent guide on how to get rid of aphids: Pests- Aphids

Aphids usually come from outdoors, sometimes with fruits from supermarkets or new houseplants.
Please check all of your houseplants as aphids may hide there too, under the leaves or near flowers. They are really quick to multiply and usually leave a sticky residue on surfaces after they feed on the plant leaves.

Lettuces get hit by aphids easily as the leaves are tender with high water content, this suits them well. Although not for us. I have been fighting with these also, and I’d say that persistence leads to success.

Before inserting new pods be sure there are no aphids seen, and keep checking any signs of them after growing again.

Did you by chance contact the Support already? If you have not yet, here’s the requested link: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Also available from the CG website on the top part menu - Support.
Support also can replace ungerminated plant pods, if they fail to sprout within 21 days.

Hope it gets solved

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Hi Debora,

Thanks for following up. I have submitted a request to support with photos. Hopefully I will hear from them.

I also just ordered a spray specifically for insects/aphids safe to use on indoor and outdoor plants. I have checked my other houseplants and don’t see anything on them. I will spray them anyway when the spray arrives tomorrow.

I so look forward to planting again. It’s pretty chilly here in the Northeast.

Thank you so much for all your assistance with this. I truly appreciate it.


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Hi Laura

Sure, that’s great :slight_smile:

Good thinking with the spray. Hope it affects any remaining colony, and it’s good for preventive maintenance either way.

You’re most welcome! Happy to help :open_hands:

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I have that problem when growing salads in the summer (also with non C&G pods and seeds). as soon as I see these little buggers, i start a regular (almost daily) ritual of taking the plants out of the garden and carefully wash them. the top but also turning them around and the underside of the leaves. that usually keeps them in check or even gets rid of them. Usually what is more annoying for me is the sticky residue that is not only on the plants and the garden, but also the sourrounding.

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