Aphid prevention

I’ve put my Smart Garden out to grass for a while because I don’t seem to be able to use it without dreadful infestations of aphids.
I keep it on my kitchen window sill, although I have tried elsewhere in the house, and I just gave up as my crops became inedible despite regular spraying.
How do other people deal with this pest?
My regular houseplants are absolutely fine!

As it’s January and aphids aren’t such an issue I’m having another go.


Constant pest issues with c&g pods :slightly_frowning_face:.

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I’ve had some aphid problems over the last couple of months on some plants, so time of year is unlikely to make any difference. So far I’ve been able to wash affected plants without resorting to any chemicals.

I just had some showing on my Lettuces. I put some Diatomaceous earth on all my plants and on the dirt on top. I am now having a nice growth and no more signs of aphids.

The real problem is that click and grow doesn’t seem interested in addressing this, and are sending out a ton of pods with infestations in them.


I did wonder if it’s something in what C & G are supplying. For the price they should be perfect.

I tried a lot of different pots from different manufacturers and can safely say that aphids are not a problem that i had only with C&G pods. Those little freaks are showing up no matter what kind of salad i try to grow. Different when I grow chillies. But even during winter time i get them with third party pods. I mean we could try to bake pods for a while and then put our own seeds into them and see if the situation is any different… but I highly doubt it.