Pests and/or not growing

Hi there,
I posted a bit ago under the pests category and haven’t heard anything back. I just got a Click and Grow and noticed bugs immediately, I actually saw pearl looking eggs in one of the pods. In any case, after reading here I discarded two pods that had the pests, left the last one just in case, but it hasn’t sprouted as it should and it’s brown. This is my first attempt and I have other friends who swear by it. Sending pics in case there are some others that can assist in identifying the issue.

Also, sorry to repeat posts. I find this site a bit confusing in terms of posting to old threads that seem to be the place to post. And also I get one photo on a new post. Not sure if I should post the bug here, which I did on the other thread that has gone unanswered, or the sad basil. Thank you all!

Hi Maureen :wave:

Just read your post here. I am sorry to read that you don’t have got any answer until now. That’s why I’m answering right now, even I’m a beginner like you are. BUT in theory I am a pro, just by reading through the posts here!:wink: Highly recommended reading through here!

Before you ask:
I’ve started 12 days ago with my SG9:
3 x Pak Choi, 3 x geen lettuce, 3 x Romaine lettuce
Everything is fine.

As far as I understand pest-problems with indoor plants: insects need to come inside the house, mostly by …

… flying through open windows
… sharing the same space with already infested houseplants or their parts or accessories like earth, pots, scissors and so on
… bringing already infested new plants home
… placing the C&G indoor garden outside, even just for a short time

Hope this could help you a bit.
Wishing good luck🍀

Hi again @Maureenrm

Thanks for being patient with the replies.

It’s not common to have such a wide-spread thrip damage on when just starting out. That’s why I am also deeply worried.
Discarding the pods are the easiest way to remove the pests, though emotionally its the hardest thing to do. It’s hard to notice the bugs because they hide in the bottom side of the leaves and therefore its complicated to manually remove them.

One of the reasons why the thips are seen on the basil plants can be because the herbs leaves are much tender than houseplants and its easier to feast there first (they suck the fluid out of the leaves and fruits), they also seem to like the wet and bright environment of the pods surface.

You did the right thing to remove the infested plants, now with the one pod that you left to grow - you are eligible to get an replacement if one of the pods do not sprout by 21 days. Please write to Click and Grow Support through this replacement request form. You can also attach these thrips damage photos. I’m sure you can work out a solution with them.

For now I advise to check your other houseplants too. Definitely check the downsides of the leaves or any silvery/brown speckles on the leaves. Also get some sticky tapes (blue ones work the best with trips) and hang or place them near the smart garden and other plants. Insect tapes (sticky strips) catch the flying thrips and prevents them laying eggs.

If you have any other questions me and other forum members are happy to help.

Here’s picture of some of the fertiliser prills showing. Did the pearl looking eggs look like this or something else? Can you remember what color were they?

The plant pods are dry capsules and produced in controlled indoor conditions they are vacuum-sealed and stored until they are placed in the smart gardens. It is very unlikely for any pests/eggs to survive in plant pod while it is produced-packed-shipped-stored on a shelf.

Also - no problem for posting twice as every question is individual and is dealt separately. It’s great that the Pests thread was easy to find.

Thank you for the feedback. I looked carefully at my other houseplants. I have a peace lily that has been having trouble, noticed a little critter on the plate that I keep the pot on top of. But nothing on the leaves.

I read here that it’s really unlikely to have eggs in the pods. What I saw were clear, almost pearly in color, not what you have here. Not sure?

My other one didn’t grow at all and became brown. Now I’ve frozen all the cups to ensure nothing is living on them. I will write Click and Grow and hopefully can try again with some success. I’ll try the suggestions you’ve made!

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I hope the pests are gone for good now.

Storing the plant pods in colder temperatures helps to keep seeds vitality too.

Definitely write to Click and Grow Support, they are very friendly and eager to help.