Bugs in basil for the 3rd time :(

Hi, I really need some help. I was super excited once I received my smart garden 9 and also planted some basil.
The 3 pods of basil i planted had actually to be thrown out as they seem to have caught some bug, I saw these tiny little bugs, super hard to spot, i only see them because they stat running around, super small

Now I planted dwarf basil and again the same bugs show up. Does anybody have any idea of why they are showing up? is it the pods? or maybe humidity in their environment? I have them indoors.

Thank you!

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Hi @goodfood , could you post a picture of the plants and the damage they are causing- patterns on the leaves and possibly take a picture of the pest too.
This would help us to identify who are we dealing with and what would be the best plan to continue with.