Continually getting bugs

hello - I got two smart garden 9s on kickstarter over a year ago. I’ve grown numerous plants with great success but the last three months have been trying and I feel like I’m wasting so much money.

About four months ago, my basil started to look sick. I finally found it was likely due to small white bugs - I’m thinking spider mites. I trashed every single plant in both gardens (although they didn’t all look sick) - just figured I would start over since they are so small you can’t always see them. I cleaned out the entire garden with soap and then white vinegar (soaking the whole thing), then I put the whole thing outside in the freezing cold for several days, brought it back in and cleaned it again. Waited a week and replanted all the plants. Again, I got the same problem with the basil within a month of growing it. Most of the other plants looked OK but, I went through this whole process again. Third time, same exact thing is happening but now it is the basil, parsley and the cilantro.

I am getting frustrated as I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried different locations for the garden. One of the main reasons I have these units is to grow basil since we use it a lot.

Any suggestions? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the pods (although I read that is unlikely, there is no other reasonable explanation for this to be continuing to happen). I’ve had successful basil plants in the past grown from the store on my window sill.


Hi @loveumms,

Really sorry to hear that you have encountered problems with pests.

Could you please add some pictures of your damaged plants and maybe also of the pests? Hopefully we can identify the problem and see what we are fighting against!

It seems, that the problem is that the pests keep coming back? They are though very good in hiding and even if you clean up your smart garden they still may stay dormant on your furniture or on other indoor plants, unfortunately. It takes just one bug to start a new colony…
One easy and quick solution is to buy some yellow or blue sticky card traps from a local gardening shop. This way you can catch some of the pests and stop them from damaging your plants. Also, it is much easier to identify them if they stand still.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Hi, thanks for adding more pictures.

It looks like you have thrips at your house. Indeed, they are very invasive and quite difficult to get rid off. It takes only one nymph or thrip fly to start a new colony again… unfortunately.

I have successfully used blue sticky cards to narrow the number of mature thrips and whenever I see a silver/gray spot on any plant I will remove the leaf immediately, so that potential new generation of pests would not take over the garden again.