New to click and grow

Newbie with click and grow.
I know the white mold is harmless but some pods are growing what appears to be a light brown mold with the white. Is this safe also? I have wiped off the white once already but it reappeared.
I started noticing a few bottom leaves yellowing can I add some nutrients and if so how much for each 9 unit?
Just starting up my 25 and noticed the pods sit higher in this. Are we not supposed to use the domes or pod covers for this one?

The 25 has no covers, just the one plastic germination cover that goes over a whole row as you are intended to plant in rows one week apart so you have always some ready and some growing.

I suggest sprinkling on cinnamon after you plant your pods. It prevents mold, does no harm to the plant or you and is cheap.

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