Click and grow 25 mold on top of wicks

Hello, I am new to my click and grow 25. On my empty slots it looks like mold has grown on the wicks on top. I am using the system just as it is supposed to and I am planting week 4 today. Should I try and clean the wicks before planting? I don’t want the mold to affect plant growth. Also should I be concerned going forward? Thank you.

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I’m pretty sure its roots growing through the wicks. It’s only natural for them to grow downward and into the water.

The wicks need to be changed only when they are no longer doing their job.
The wicks can be cleaned with a mild soap solution or submerging them in a 50/50 water and vinegar solution. They seem to be working nicely, but I recommend removing wicks from the trays that aren’t used atm and adding them just before the next cycle approaches or before clicking the pods. This way you can use the wicks for longer periods before buying new ones.

If there is some algae or limescale build-up, this can easily be dissolved with some mild food vinegar or citric acid solution. Also submerging the wicks in hydrogen peroxide works too. It cleans up well and the wicks look brand new.

I think you’re doing wonderfully. This kind of mold doesn’t affect plant growth. Keep on harvesting :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I appreciate your feedback. One other question, I live in the south east United States and it is very humid here. I’m afraid it is affecting plant growth as I have seen other videos where their plants look much bigger than mine at the current timeframe. I bought a small fan and have it pointed at the garden and I have it running throughout the day which does seem to be helping. I also check the app daily for humidity. Should I try anything else? Thank you.

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Sure, no problem.
That’s great if you have already added a fan near the garden, it helps to circle the humid standing air and make plants sturdier.
The app gets the temperature and humidity readings between the lamps, so definitely a great way to check the stats.

About the growth, I agree that your plants look slower than we’d all like. There can be multiple reasons:

  1. Greens like colder temperatures, 60-70 F would be ideal, although with higher temperatures they could grow a little bit faster. The downside is that they then age too quickly and may go to seed.
  2. Kales, Shungiku, and Sorrels tend to be slower than other green crops (lettuces and so) in CG25 too. I see the kales are a bit smaller than expected to be by now.
  3. If the humidity is high enough, there’s no need to keep the domes on the already-sprouted plants.

I recommend trying using the sixth tray with tray holder for starting (first week), putting new pods there after the 5-week cycle is finished, and leaving the first tray (first harvest) in the garden for longer. So they can grow a week more.

I also see some empty pods, where there’s no germination (that middle tray end). The pods should germinate within 7-14 days, if it takes longer, we are ready to replace them. Definitely initiate contact with our Support and ask for a replacement. Here’s the link to the Support page.
If you want to you can check the pods yourself too. The seeds should be in the middle of the pods so just carefully pull apart the pods from the top and see if there’s anything visible there. Some seeds may be duds or they take too long to reach the top and are stuck somewhere.

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I have constant mound issue in my cg25. Something about the design/pods. shame it wasn’t tested more before delivery. try wiping the mold then sprinkling cinnamon. I have also had to resort to plant friendly algae eater, which has worked for me.
For the empty pods - i use a piece of foam wrapped in plastic. This has also helped.


Hi Debora, hi everyone :wave:

I’m so thankful for this topic. We are living in the Netherlands, not far away from the coastal area, on former bog ground.:grin:Mold is a constant problem for indoor plants here. Yes, we are aware of the need for good and regulary air circulation.

Our heating system starts in the morning when temperatures are below 18°C and keep temperatures with 19,5°C. When we go to sleep, we manually activate the night setting, the temperature can’t drop under 16°C.
Humidity inside the house during the wet seasons like now ~75 - 80% and outside between 65 - 85%.

Yesterday I started with our first C&G 9.:smiley:

May I ask, just to be prepared:

  • Wich %-hydrogen-peroxide is to use like you have described here for cleaning and making the pot sterile, together with their parts like the lits, wicks and clear cups?
  • Is rinsing with clear water afterwarts goed or should the parts even rest in clear water for a short/long period?
  • Can I sprinkle cinnamon onto the top of the soil right now from the beginning on, cinnamon is harmless for plants, right? Or does that hinder or even damage the seeds or plants?

Thank you all.:green_heart:

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Hi @Julia1,

Good to hear this forum can be of help!

The temperatures should be okay with any CG plants if they stay between 18°C and 22°C, though they can be a bit slower than plants growing at 22 °C. Most of the plants like high humidity, although the mold issue can be more frequent. But the salads and green leafy vegetables will do the best. The starter kit includes tomato and basil which are more warmth-loving plants along with chilies and some flowering plants.
Be sure to keep the lights on accordingly, all devices have built-in timers and some even produce a little bit of heat when lights are on.

With your temperatures, it might be even possible to grow spinach. It thrives in colder temperatures, but you’d need to get the seeds from the market.

And to answer your questions:
Hydrogen peroxide mixture (one part of hydrogen peroxide (3%) with four parts of water). A stronger solution may burn young plant roots. This can also help with pests like fungus gnats.

All countertop gardens are machine-washable but do not use temperatures higher than 60°C / 140°F. Please remove the lamp before putting the product into the dishwasher. If possible, don’t put the U-shaped lids into the washing machine, and make sure to remove the wicks before as well.

Just regular rinsing will do fine if there’s no visible dirt on the wicks. But if using a mixture then it’s best to leave them in for a couple of hours up to a day. With other parts, it’s okay to rinse, but if the dirt is not coming off then submerging for a period of time is recommended. The tank can be cleaned a couple of times per year, depending on the tap water quality and how much debris or roots grow inside the water tank.

Cinnamon is one of the easiest solutions to fight the mold. Cinnamon is a natural fungicide, so helps prevent mold from growing. It is harmless, but it’s better not to overflow the seedlings or plant stem with it. I have seen some cases when excessive amounts can hinder plant growth.

Good luck on the gardening journey! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Debora👋

Thank you for answering.
I will wash our C&G by hand just to be safe.
I also placed our Air Purifier in front of the C&G, its gentle airflow on the lowest level directed at it.
I like cinnamon and I hope the veggies do also.:wink:
We will see.

Happy Indoor Gardening🌿,

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