Do I need to change the wick after mold?

Hi everyone! I just started using my click and grow around a month and a half ago. I have the Smart Garden 3 and I was growing 3 basil pods. They were growing really well and I had harvested some of the leaves a few times but I overwatered them and unfortunately they grew mold. I threw the pods away because I didn’t know that the mold wasn’t harmful (I should’ve checked here first!) and I bought new basil pods but I’m wondering if I need to buy new wicks as well. I washed the cups, lids, and garden out but I’m mostly worried that there are someone still mold spores in the wicks. Should I buy new wicks or should they be fine? And is it a good idea to add ground cinnamon as a preventative measure or should I wait to see if they grow mold again and then add cinnamon if I need to? Thanks!

Hi Alina @asippalpers,

I’m so happy that you found this forum. We do also have a Facebook Community that you can join called Click & Growers. You are welcome to join that too!

Our R&D team has excessively researched the mould issue in-house and tested it in laboratories. The mould on the pods is common indoor fungi that are generally harmless and common contaminants, everywhere really. Here’s some more detailed information about it: How to get rid of mold and algae?
Therefore regular cleaning of cups, wicks and the garden itself is the solution to keep mould in check.
Wicks can be cleaned with a vinegar solution or with regular dish soap and the same goes for cups and garden tank and its lid.
Wicks will need to be replaced in some time. Usually, they are fine to use for around one year, but it really depends on the plant, water quality and intensity of use. Could be more or less. But after a wash, it is fine to move on to the next plants.

Cinnamon is great as a preventative measure too, because of its good antifungal properties. Also please keep the white U-shaped lids on the pods at all times. These white lids cover the soil surface leaving no room between the lid and the soil for the mould to thrive.